In-Home Personal Training – One of most-often cited reasons by older adults and people new to fitness for not working out is self-consciousness about exercising in a traditional gym environment. Age Well Fitness & Nutrition brings the gym to you, providing one-on-one coaching and training at our clients’ home or at assisted living communities for older adults. 

Core Training for Balance and Stability – Each year, one in every three adults age 65 and older falls, according to Centers for Disease Control data. Age Well Fitness & Nutrition focuses on core training development to improve balance and stability for all athletes, but even more so for older adults to prevent falls. The core is the “center of power” in the body and helps maintain posture and balance. As part of our In-Home Personal Training program, we emphasize exercises to build core strength and balance, including abdominal, hips and lower-back strengthening. 

Nutritional Counseling – The average sedentary individual can add up to 90 pounds from the time they’re in their mid-30s until retirement age, research shows. A combination of exercise and nutrition helps prevent unwanted weight gain. We help dispel “food myths” through our nutritional counseling, working with each client to assess current diet and eating habits to make recommendations for improvement. 

Massage Therapy – There are certain physiological changes in the 50+ body that make exercise recovery more difficult. Massage can aid in recovery by providing relief from muscle tension and promote better range of motion, even among populations with limited functionality because of arthritis. Research has shown that massage can help reduce anxiety and stress, improve joint flexibility, increase circulation and improve sleep. We’ll help you relax while also keeping you in the fitness game of life. 

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Customized Yoga – True to the “use it or lose it” mantra, muscles that aren’t used become less willing to work – and that’s true with all athletes. We emphasize muscle flexibility as one of the three key elements of being physically fit – along with muscle strength and muscle endurance. Functional flexibility stretching can improve overall range of motion and help active older adults move more comfortably through the day. Specialized stretching also can help older adults with chronic back, neck or joint problems. We introduce the 50+ fitness enthusiast to appropriate warm-up techniques prior to stretching – from static stretching to proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation – and help clients understand how to stretch all muscle groups safely and appropriately. 

Fitness Planning and Motivation Counseling – We approach our fitness training from the perspective of a coach concerned with our clients’ overall goals and current levels of fitness. We then develop a client-centered plan based on each person’s specific goal, fitness level and contraindications for exercise. We also focus on the mental aspect of health and fitness, working to inspire older adults to move beyond thoughts of “I’m too old” to achieve their goals. Age Well Fitness & Nutrition believes that clients must first transform their minds in order to fully transform their bodies. To that end, we employ an experienced Body-Mind Nourishment Coach and integrate inspirational motivation into everything we do. 

Annual Fitness Retreat – Each year, we invite our clients and other 50+ fitness enthusiasts to join us in historic and picturesque Chesapeake City, the only town in Maryland situated on a working commercial canal. Its restored 19th-century architecture is on the National Registry of Historic Places and provides the perfect backdrop for a gathering of like-minded older adults interested in fellowship, fitness, health and wellness. We invite some of the best trainers and fitness consultants to lead workshops and demonstrations. Age Well Fitness & Nutrition clients also are able to enjoy the city’s fine dining, picturesque stores, outdoor concerts, seasonal events, and outstanding bed and breakfasts.