Experienced Trainers for Adults with Life Experience 

Age Well Fitness & Nutrition caters to adults 50 years of age and older and patients under physicians' care at all levels of fitness, offering long and short-term packages. We guarantee quality, integrity, excellence and compassionate care. Fundamental to our program is that our clients know they are valued and cared for as individuals. To improve the quality of life for those we serve, we deliver personalized health and fitness plans that aim to treat the whole person by providing an authentic lifestyle change. We work with each individual to restore and build confidence, dignity and a sense of self-worth though encouragement, relationship-building and expert guidance and instruction.

Our team has nearly a century of combined experience, featuring fitness experts who hold certifications and have received accolades from the most respected organizations in Sports Medicine. These include: Physical Therapists, Doctors of Osteopathy, Licensed Massage Therapists, Registered Dietitians, Kinesiologists, Holistic Nutritionists, Personal Chefs, Clinical Psychologists, Exercise Psychologists, Health Coaches and Certified Yoga Instructors - all uniquely qualified to not only thoroughly assess each client’s current physical condition, but also the client’s lifestyle so that a plan can be created that the client can truly embrace.

Age Well Fitness & Nutrition knows that when patients leave the physician’s office, their need for individualized care does not end. We aim to complement medical treatment by offering programs that help maintain healthy bodies, minds, and spirits. We invite you to experience one of our programs or one of our many services that we offer onsite or in the privacy of your home.

How We're Unique

We provide in-home personal training. We bring the gym to you.

We train at assisted living communities, allowing older adult clients to exercise in an environment that’s most convenient and comfortable for them. 

We support military veterans, and we’re proud that some of the key roles on our team are filled by former military. 

We organize an annual fitness retreat for our clients in historic and picturesque Chesapeake City, Maryland. 

We provide nutritional support to augment our exercise plans to help 50+ fitness enthusiasts reach their goals sooner. 

We offer a full range of services for the 50+ fitness enthusiast, from massage therapy to flexibility and core development training to promote balance and prevent falls.

In short, we know what older adults need to get back into the fitness game or to take their fitness to the next level. Call or email and let’s get started on your fitness consultation and plan!