Each year, we invite our clients and other 50+ fitness enthusiasts to join us in historic and picturesque Chesapeake City, the only town in Maryland situated on a working commercial canal. Its restored 19th-century architecture is on the National Registry of Historic Places and provides the perfect backdrop for a gathering of like-minded older adults interested in fellowship, fitness, health and wellness. We invite some of the best trainers and fitness consultants to lead workshops and demonstrations. Age Well Fitness & N clients also are able to enjoy the city’s fine dining, picturesque stores, outdoor concerts, seasonal events, and outstanding bed and breakfasts. 

A typical day starts at 5:30am and ends at 9:00pm. Your day will be packed with a variety of fitness classes, yoga, hikes, and time to relax and learn about nutrition as well. Individual counseling sessions and massage appointments may be scheduled during your stay. 

We aren't just putting you through a workout and sending you on your way. In the period of time you choose to stay with us, we will teach you a complete lifestyle change that you can take home to your friends and family, Even after departure, we will hold you accountable with periodic check ins to make sure you are still holding true to a healthier and more fit you! 

2017 Retreat Information Coming Soon!
$300/NIGHT (All Inclusive)

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